Looking for professional development and an opportunity to learn and grow in a new career? A recruiting partner can help you identify your career goals, play to your strengths and align you with an organization that fits you culturally. Once we’ve found the right fit for you, we have the ability to get your resume in front of the hiring manager, rather than just getting it added to “the pile” of online applications. We are in direct contact with the employer and have the opportunity to share your strengths and qualifications on a level that goes well beyond your resume. Additionally, if given the opportunity to work with you, we promise to:

  • Be available to you – without voicemail frustrations
  • Provide you with experienced coaching
  • Provide full company disclosure on non-confidential searches
  • Keep you informed throughout the process
  • Provide honest feedback

In return, here is what we need from you:

  1. Exclusivity in representing you to any companies openly discussed during the screening/interview process. Please notify us immediately of any potential conflict with other firms or any direct contacts at those companies..
  2. Confidentiality regarding all opportunities to which you have been introduced by Labtech, including but not limited to your current employer, other potential candidates, hiring authorities and Labtech’s competitors – including other staffing and recruiting agencies.
  3. Complete and accurate information provided for presentation to Company including:
    • a) Current resume in Microsoft Word format
    • b) Minimum of three (3) professional references, including two (2) supervisors.
    • c) Verbal indication of understanding of Company’s requirements.
    • d) Verbal indication and agreement to compensation terms for the opportunity which you are being presented.
  4. Timely and open communication throughout the process. The employment process is very time-sensitive and as a result we need to be sure that we have reliable communication lines that enable us to reach you quickly in the event of a new development (i.e. interviews, offers, etc). Conversely, any changes that arise from your perspective (i.e. other opportunities or a change in interest level) must be communicated quickly and honestly, so that all parties involved are given the opportunity to respond accordingly.

We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you, and we welcome your feedback regarding our performance. Thank you for considering us in your search.