Candidate Commitment

The relationship between a recruiter and a potential candidate is a very important one and one that can only be mutually beneficial if the following parameters are met:

That every intention exists to make a move when the right career opportunity presents itself.  If the situation is not right, it should not be pursued, but we owe both candidates and clients the courtesy of working only with those people that have serious intent.   We must make sure a candidate provides  complete information be provided relative to goals, decision parameters, employment status and history, responsibilities, compensation, motivation for change, timing considerations, etc.,   If any change regarding these issues occurs – including other opportunities you may be pursuing through other avenues – we must me notified immediately in order to best serve your interests.

Requests may be made for revised resumes, reference lists, addendums, or other supporting documentation for the purpose of evaluating your candidacy.   When these requests are made you will need to reply to them promptly or give us a date when we can expect them so that we can let our client know when to expect them.  When giving the date please ensure that you can follow up by that time or it will reflect poorly on both of us.

We will return phone calls be returned promptly and we request you do the same.   This requires that we have the best method to contact you (cell phone or frequently used email address-not your current business one.) We also request timely feedback opportunities and/or conversations with prospective employers, and prompt decisions on offers, etc.   The most appropriate time for questions and research is during the interview process, prior to the offer, so that the acceptance of a position can be made very quickly, as the acceptance is a culmination of analysis done prior to that point in time.

Consistency in decision making parameters, compensation expectations, relocation issues, and offer/position acceptances.   It is very difficult to ‘change the deal’ when negotiating an offer from a client, so we need to have this information up front – it also sets a good baseline for your expectations in case you had not seriously previously considered the possibility of a career change.   Counter offers’ can set a client company back months, causing considerable loss, and almost always result in a lose/lose/lose scenario. We request that candidates commit not to allow this to happen because the reasons you’re considering another offer will not change and your employer will target you for cutbacks due to perceived loyalty issues if the time for cutbacks comes in the future.  Everyone benefits when everyone lives up to their respective commitments.

As a reputable recruiting firm, we typically recruit for specific assignments requiring specific skills.  For this reason, a candidate will only be introduced to organizations with which high potential for a qualification, and cultural, fit exists. A person may not be introduced to very many, if any, companies.  This does not mean anything negative, only that a likely fit has not yet surfaced and that we’re exercising selectivity on the candidate’s behalf.  In other words, ‘no interviews’ is not bad.  We don’t always control our client companies’ interview process, timing or decision making so occasionally these do drag out, in spite of our sense of urgency.  We appreciate your patience and understanding in these instances.

We are always striving to improve our candidate experience so we want to know if we are we fulfilling expectations, and ensuring we understand these expectations.  If we can do better for you complaints, suggestions, comments and/or compliments are welcomed.  If you have an outstanding experience also let us know as we thrive on recommendations.

Again, our hope is for a productive and positive experience with all parties. If the relationship results in a new and better career opportunity, great! If not, hopefully each party retains value, and over the longer term the association results in some tangible mutual benefit.   We’ll certainly keep you in mind for any future positions that meet your skill set, salary requirements and personal and professional goals.