Is it time for spring in your job search?

Here in the Kansas City area, spring is taking its sweet time in making an appearance. Numerous cold and cloudy days have delayed sporting events, cancelled other events ( or made them just plain miserable) and slowed the progress of yardwork. The cool rainy weather has allowed me to get some projects done in the house and garage though, so even though it may not be the things I wanted to be doing, I still took advantage of the time I had and made the best of it.

Much like spring has delayed its arrival; your job search may be taking a little longer than you thought. Hiring authorities are not responding to your resume, someone who was supposed to call you back last week, didn’t, you didn’t get an interview for a position you felt you were an ideal fit for, etc.

As I took advantage of the cool weather to do some inside projects, you too can take advantage of this slower time in your job search and retool your resume, develop a calling strategy, check back on some old leads, or another task to make sure you are ready when the “spring” in your job search finally arrives.

Spring is coming. The birds are still chirping, the trees are budding, and the grass (and weeds in my yard) are growing and getting greener. These little signs continue to tell us that spring is on the way and that it will get here at its own (albeit delayed) pace. Take heart in the buds and green shoots that you see in your job search (callbacks, interviews, etc.) and soon you will be employed!

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