Maybe you should see a specialist….

I was visiting my doctor the other day and he noticed a dark lesion on my skin. He was concerned enough about the situation that he uttered those six words that make you cringe coming from your doctor…

So I set up an appointment with the dermatologist. Luckily, the lesion was benign. Conversely, after I got to thinking about it in terms of an analogy; when it comes to staffing and recruiting, these may actually be the best words you ever hear. Specialists are highly trained in a specific area. They have the knowledge of a specific field due to years of experience in that area. They know the ins and outs. They know the industry (or practice area in the doctor’s case); they have dealt with numerous similar instances in their profession; they are the “go to” people.

Now it is time to toot our own horn. Labtech Specialty Staffing has been in the scientific recruiting business since 1994. We recruit scientists every day. Whether nationwide or specifically in the Kansas City area we are the “go to” people. A talented recruiter (who’s name escapes me – but I want to let you know that this is not my idea) once said, “You may be getting the best talent “on the market”, but are you getting the best talent “in the market?” “On the market” refers to the people that are actively looking for jobs and applying for every position and to every company that may remotely interest them. “In the market” refers to those who are actually working in the field and not necessarily looking. If you are a small to mid-size company and are looking for talented individuals, you may recruit for only one scientific opening a year. Have you built the data base and the network you will need, to provide you with the best talent when that need arises?

Large recruiting firms that say they specialize also have other practices that take away from their focus. Whether you are a candidate or a company that is hiring; you need to know this – We are the leader and a specialist in scientific recruiting.

Maybe you should see a specialist…

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!