What does a meteor shower have to do with a job search?

I have always been fascinated by space, the stars and anything related to them, so after an evening of chasing ghosts at a local winery until 1 AM (no ghosts found) I decided I would stay up to watch the Orionid meteor shower last weekend. Settling in to my favorite meteor watching couch on the deck, I trained my eyes upward and waited for the show – only there wasn’t any. OK keep watching. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

The weather was cool and skies were clear but I was not seeing any meteors. I knew it was the right date and the meteor shower was supposed to be peaking. Reviewing the article that I had previously read that had notified me that there was going to be a celestial event this weekend told the story. I wasn’t focusing on the right area. This particular shower came from near Orion’s shoulder and I wasn’t focusing my attention there. Once I looked in the right place I saw several faint meteors I had probably missed before and a little bit later a few nice bright ones that I would have definitely missed, had I given up.

Applying this lesson to your job search yields a few lessons that may aid you when seeking a new position:

Preparation – prepare a checklist and follow it for optimum results. Just being at the right place at the right time doesn’t always guarantee success. When I checked the list and looked at the right area I was rewarded with success.

Effort – I wasn’t going to see meteors lying in bed. Your job search is much the same way. Get out there and do the work to achieve the result you are seeking.

Perseverance – despite the cold temps and lack of success in seeing the meteors initially I stuck to my guns until I obtained the results I was looking (pun intended) for. Keep after it and don’t give up!

Celebrate your successes. If I hadn’t seen the few faint ones, I may have given up – so continue to look for the small bright spots in your job search to keep you motivated. Whether it is a phone interview or even a call to verify your availability, at least there is some interest and the next call might be the one that leads to your next position.